Q. Will it hurt?

A. When our laser discharges, and zaps your tattoo - many of our clients tell us it is similar to snapping a rubber band on your arm or leg. While not 100% painless, we have a start of the art nitrogen cooling system that greatly reduces any pain. 

Q. How does tattoo removal work?

A. Our high tech laser system focuses a beam of highly excited electrons at your tattoo ink. This essentially breaks down the ink into micro particles that your body's own immune system can then carry away. 

Q. How many total treatments will I need?

A. Approximately 6-12+

Q. Will my tattoo really be completely gone?

A. Yes. Your previous tattoo will not be visible anymore. Goodbye ink!

Q. Can you simply lighten my tattoo for a cover up?

A. Yes! In fact, a very large part of our customer base choose to do exactly that. It works wonders, and is a great way to have a fresh start on a new tattoo design without making sacrifices, common when just working around an old tattoo.

Q. What about scarring?

A. With our advanced laster tattoo removal technology, there is less than 5% chance of scarring. Yes, only 5%!

Q. How long should I wait between treatments?

A. We require 4-8 weeks between your treatments to give your body time to complete the process. Your ink will move every single day between treatments; your body will dispose of your ink over a period of time. 

Q. Do you offer financing?

A. Yes! Learn more about our financing options here - with little or no interest!

Q. Do you offer police, firefighter & veteran discounts?

A. Yes - every day - all day! (And we have since 2014!)