Why Choose Us?

Our Atmosphere

Everyone has a story behind the tattoo they want removed and we make it a judgement-free zone! So don't be embarrassed; we are looking at different details than you - our brains instantly think about joules, hertz, rep rate, density, etc.

Trust us when we say we want it off as quickly as you want it off. Hey, we have all made some not-so-good decisions at times, right? It's totally okay here! However, we must remove your tattoo as safely as possible and sometimes, that means slowly - it all depends on the piece of artwork. 

You will feel at ease with us and we know sometimes a person may feel embarrassed, or nervous about the process. Relax. We're here for you. This is going to be easy!

Our Staff

Our staff is like family. In fact, many of our past clients refer their family and friends to us, or stop by to say "hi" long after we've removed their tattoo. 

At Take It Off Laser, we will take care of you; always going the extra step to make sure that you are well informed about the process and what to expect. We also give you a complete understanding about tattoo removal works and what makes our technology the most advanced in the world...specifically for your ink!

You can think of us as "tattoo removal gurus."

Our technicians are highly trained and certified, and specialize in tattoo removal. It's ALL they do...everyday of the week! 

Our Technology! 

We offer our clients the most advanced laser removal technology. Our laser is the Gold Standard for tattoo removal, and we are the only removal clinic in Louisville and Indianapolis offering this advanced technology! 

We are the leaders in the industry with the most technologically advanced lasers made! Yeah, we are that cool!

In fact, our advanced technology will...

- remove all ink colors
- on all skin types
- less than 5% scar rate

All while being the safest and cleanest tattoo removal spa around!

Our Laser Beam!

It's square!... Not circular!

A square beam prevents hotspots! It's a more focused beam, specifically designed to help with blistering and scarring! Our laser is not a hair removal laser, a skin resurfacing laser or a tightening laser...it is the most advanced in the world for tattoo removal! Ummm...that's a no-brainer!

Ou laser is designed for a gentle downtime after your treatment. Your healing time will be 1-7 days. You removal treatment will not take weeks or months to heal with our advanced laser system.

We love our clients. We love what we do. We love technology. We are obsessed with tattoos, just like you...

See? We already have so much in common! Let's talk!